Step 4: Upload data

Create a feed on Xively, set it up, and get your AirPi listed here.

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Make a new feed

First, go to Xively and create a new account. Once you've done that, add a device, and set the privacy to Public. You should then be taken to a page with your feed ID (a 10 digit number) and API key (a very long string of numbers and letters)

Next, run the following commands to open the Airpi's configuration file and then edit it:

cd ~/Meteoros
sudo nano AirPi.cfg

Once you've opened it up, add your API key and feed ID to the file. You can also use this file to enable and disable sensors which you aren't using.

After finishing editing the file, type Ctrl-X followed by Y to save and quit.

Now, to start the program uploading data to Xively, type the following command into your terminal window:

sudo python

Get your AirPi listed on this website

If you've finished making your AirPi, and it works (if it doesn't work at first, get in contact with us through the form - we're happy to help!), we'd really aprpeciate it if you contacted us with the Xively feed ID and the location of the AirPi. We will add it to our homepage, and create an auto-updating page with its readings. Thanks for sticking with us this far!